Taxidermy can be very fragile! Clever packaging, specialist courriers and our own delivery runs guarantee your items will arrive safely.

We are also experienced in what can and cannot be imported and exported to different countries and we use licences where required. Please contact us in advance before buying our taxidermy from outside Europe, as it can be a legal minefield with laws even differing from each state within a country.

We have bought major collections from museums and private collectors.

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Taxidermy law can be complicated.
We make it our business to know the laws surrounding the trade, keeping up to date with changes in current legislation so you can buy in confidence.

The House of Taxidermy does not source modern taxidermy specimens that have been killed for the purpose of taxidermy. Our modern taxidermy is mainly roadkill and catkill as these are sadly the top two threats to British wildlife. We also get animals that have died of old age, largely from zoos and falconers.

Antique pieces for us are another matter. Although some of these old specimens were hunted, we see no harm in trading them today.
Destroying them will not bring the animal back.

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